Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

We Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erect and Commission Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) on Turnkey basis for various types and natures of wastewaters, effluents which combines advanced physico-chemical treatment processes with tertiary polishing system for the removal of organic, inorganic, oil and grease, heavy metals & suspended solids.

The Principle

The principle of operation of ETP is Physico-Chemical treatment followed by Polishing Treatments like –Sand Filtration, Activated Charcoal treatment (Adsorption), Ultra Filtration (UF), Ozonisation (Chemical Oxidation), If required Reverse Osmosis (RO) and evaporation.

Hydrosphere’s ETP Combines

  • Gravity Separator : To remove suspended oil And grease, Floating matters.
  • Primary Sedimentation : To remove the heavy grit particles, suspended solids.
  • Chemical Treatment : To remove higher Organic load, metals, etc.
  • Biological Treatment Aerobic & Anaerobic treatment : To remove higher Organic load, metals, etc.
  • Advance Sludge Separation : To achieve solid Liquid separation.
  • Advance Filtration System : To remove the suspended Solids, organic matter.
  • Ozonization (Optional) : To remove organic matter.
  • Microfiltration (UF+RO) (Optional) : To achieve zero discharge(If required).

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

At present , we are executing projects of Zero discharge. We are implementing Reverse Osmosis , Membrane Bio Reactor, Evaporation system in this project. Water will be recycled and reused in the industry.

Salient Features

  • Very cost effective: Less initial Investment.
  • Types: Batch and Continuous.
  • Atomization: Manual, Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic.
  • Compact design: Required very Low foot print.
  • Quality Components: Special sludge pump and total corrosion free UPVC/HDPE piping & FRP/Epoxy Lined MS tanks.
  • Water Recycle: Recycling of treated is possible with advanced treatment methodology like UF and RO.
  • Operation and maintenance: Very silent in operation and any unskilled person can operate it, after proper training.
  • Flexible design: Starting from 0.5 m3/day to 5000 m3/day capacities.
  • Recurring Expenses: Economical plant operating cost, required regular treatment chemicals available in the market.


  • Automobile Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Metal Pretreatment
  • Electroplating
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textile
  • Paper Mills
  • Dairies
  • Sugar Mills
  • Leather Industries
  • Petrochemical
  • And many more…………